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Sep 13, 2012

Myriad Consulting Launches Facebook Business Page

Miami, FL - Myriad Consulting recently launched their Facebook business page. The business page will help them communicate and share with their customers and potential customers on a broader level. The Facebook page will allow their fans to come and receive the latest IT news, technology, and learn about services offered by Myriad.

As a professional IT solutions company, Myriad offers a wide range of IT and Security Solutions including VPN set-up, networking solutions, data center design & implementation, centralized data storage, email solutions, and software implementation to name a few. Myriad’s goals for the Facebook page includes marketing, but more than that, they want their customers to be informed so they can make the best IT decisions for their business needs. An educated client knows what they are buying and why, which makes them a very good client because they don’t enter into a business relationship with unprecedented expectations.

Facebook has become a prime interface for businesses to communicate with their customers because their customers are already there and can be targeted based on many geographic and demographic levels. With more than 350 million users worldwide, Facebook has become the most visited site on the internet. As a business posts content on Facebook it have the potential to go viral and reach more people than by sending email campaigns or utilizing Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Myriad is excited about connecting with their customer on new levels and listening to their needs. Owner Bruce Sukert commented, “Our customers are our greatest asset, the more we understand them and they understand us, the better professional relationship we will have.”

To stay-up-to-date on the Information Technology industry, connect with Myriad Consulting on Facebook.

About Myriad Consulting:

Myriad Consulting has been in business since 1998, providing knowledge and experienced IT Solutions for businesses worldwide. They provide the necessary technical assistance in IT design, implementation, management and support for customers from beginning to end for advanced business computing solutions. Contact Myriad Consulting for your IT solution needs and receive a free quote, (305)624-4800. An experienced IT professional is ready to work with you.