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Jun 24, 2011

Cal-Am Properties

By utilizing Yardi Systems’ Enterprise program,we have “real time” accounting and do not have duplication of efforts between our properties and the main office... This has saved both time and significant dollars.
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Cal-Am Properties Hires Myriad Consulting Services to Implement Yardi, and Streamlines its Operations

Cal-Am Properties manages large multi-family residential communities from an average of 450 to over 2,000 homesites per community. This includes 5-star RV Resorts, Manufactured Housing Communities, Apartment Complexes and Shopping Centers. Cal-Am Properties is headquartered in Encino, California. The company has over forty-eight remote locations primarily located in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Minnesota, and several other states. As an owner/operator, Cal-Am relies on Yardi Enterprise to manage its portfolio and uses Citrix to process information from all offices to one database. The system’s flexibility and real-time processing capability has provided Cal-Am with increased productivity and efficiency.

Cal-Am Properties has adapted its Yardi system to meet the specific needs of its operations.Managers use Yardi Maintenance module, Spreadsheet Link, and the Budgeting and Forecasting module, enhancing their ability to respond to customer requests and analyze the performance of various properties over time. The system has been further customized through the use of SQL scripts, developed both in-house and with assistance from Yardi. These scripts provide automated custom reports, and allow managers to easily track properties by seeing the information in a format that works best for them.

Cal-Am considered many software packages before choosing Yardi.Myriad Consulting Services, an established Information Technology Consulting Firm,was retained to conduct a market comparison of property management accounting software vendors and implement a safe and reliable seamless office for Cal-Am throughout its portfolio. Myriad, which has extensive experience in setting up accounting systems and networks for Cal-Am Properties Hires Myriad Consulting Services to Implement Yardi, and Streamlines its Operations corporations, ultimately prepared an analysis and chart showing all of the options available for each vendor. After several months and on-site visits, they determined Yardi the "clear leader in the industry." Some of the features they found most attractive were the constructive creation of accounts, flexibility, and the ease of installation and growth. They added that the system also provides a very secure and stable environment that is easy for both the on-site manager and the financial accountant to use.

"By utilizing Yardi System's Enterprise Program installed by Myriad Consulting, in our remote locations and consolidated through our corporate office,we are able to have "real time" accounting with existing staff and do not have any duplication of efforts between our properties and the main office. This has saved both time and significant dollars," says Joanne Lew, Controller for Cal-Am Properties. Cal-Am has plans for increasing its business significantly, and considers Yardi to be a key factor in its growth. The company currently employs 320 people, and will be able to expand its portfolio of properties and increase its staff without compromising its stability. Ms. Lew says, "Yardi gives us the ability to specify each user’s access, thereby allowing for different levels of security. On-site managers, corporate office personnel, and regional managers all use the system for their various functions, in a secure environment. This has assisted in the growth and expansion of our company." Having used Yardi for close to five years, Cal-Am is confident that their system will continue